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Celebration - 26 Lieder aus dem neuen englischen Liederbuch-Anhang:
1. Father-Mother God
2. Brood o'er us
3. Holy spirit, light devine
4. Sing a new, new song
5. »Lord, ... open his eyes«
6. God of creation
7. Great is your faithfulness
8. There is a presence
9. Our desire to heed God's calling
10. Through pure Love
11. Our Father knows my need today
12. Father, you are very near us
13. O'er waiting harpstrings
14. O gentle presence
15. From these your children
16. Quiet, Lord, my stubborn heart
17. Our Father which art in heaven
18. With one accord in one place
19. Eternal mind the potter is
20. Be gentle, be pure
21. Shepherd, show me how to go
22. In Love devine
23. Above all earthly gain
24. O tender, loving shepherd
25. As sings the mountain stream
26. Saw ye my saviour?

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